Welcome to EastBridge Partners

EastBridge Partners is dedicated to adding true value to our portfolios and investors.


EastBridge Partners (“EastBridge”) was founded in early 2011 by Kevin Lim and 4 key partners who worked together for many years at one of the leading private equity firms in Korea to seek out successful investment opportunities in mid-market companies in Asia. 

EastBridge is an independent private equity firm headquarted in Seoul, Korea focusing on mid-market growth capital investment opportunities mainly in Korea, Greater China (China, Taiwan and Hong Kong) and Japan (“North Asia”). As one of the most experienced mid-market private equity teams in Korea, EastBridge professionals possess the capability to identify, secure proprietary deal flow in the niche sector of mid-market growth capital. Increasing regional dynamics in North Asia offers growing number of opportunities for cross-border investments among mid-market companies in the region and EastBridge has competitive advantage over its local peers with global foresight and many years of experience of cross-border transactions to take advantage of this lucrative regional trend. With its stronghold in Korea, EastBridge will focus on companies in North Asia with their business ties with Korea.

EastBridge seeks to acquire industry-leading companies and, in partnership with management, in technology, machinery, automotive and shipbuilding components, alternative energy and retail. EastBridge Partners is dedicated to grow and create value in portfolio companies by working closely with management and industry experts to enhance business and operational development over the long term. The key partners of EastBridge boast years of experience in global business operations and regulatory sectors, which can provide substantial value-add support to mid-market companies which lack such assistance from other sources and bring them in to the next level of growth.

Today, EastBridge has 18 employees including 13 investment professionals. The global Advisory Board of EastBridge has 5 advisors across various industry background and nationalities. With one branch office in Busan, Korea, which covers export oriented Southeast region of the Korean peninsula, EastBridge plans to expand its local presence overseas by launching regional offices in key Asian markets.