Investment Strategy

EastBridge Partners’ professionals possess considerable and comprehensive understanding of local markets throughout Asia. As one of the most experienced mid-market private equity teams in Korea, the team possesses substantial investment and operational experience across various sectors. EastBridge will capitalize on over 200 years of aggregate industry experience, including over 70 years of collective investment experience and leverage access to an immense network of financial institutions, corporations and strong strategic sponsorships in order to seek proprietary deal opportunities in the region.


Growth Oriented Mid-Market Focused Investment Strategy

EastBridge focuses on mid-market investments, defined as companies with an enterprise value between USD 50 million to USD 500 million. EastBridge targets proprietary transactions in the mid-market space, an area where the team has a substantial competitive advantage due to their longstanding experience, network and reputation in the market. The focus will be on growth oriented strategy deals in the mid-market space of mainly Korea and select cross-border investments in Greater China and Japan.

Strong Focus on Value-Add

EastBridge will actively seek post transaction value creation opportunities to improve growth and profitability of portfolio companies. EastBridge believes in “true partnership” with its portfolio companies by creating a “win-win” situation focusing on value-add strategies that unlock the synergy potential of Asian mid-market companies through business and operational development assistance supported by global best practice expertise of the team. EastBridge emphasizes post-deal value creation and provides portfolio companies with hands on globalization support. EastBridge adds strategic value to companies be leveraging the network of the team’s senior managers and Advisory board. Additional value creation support is supported by external consultants and industry experts. EastBridge does not invest only to seek returns by obtaining financial gains, but focuses on true value addition to create real business value that provide high returns.