Why Goldman Sachs CEO, Dongsuk Choi, Went to EastBridge

EastBridge Partners has electected Dongsuk Choi from Goldman Sachs IB as a new CEO. Chairman of EastBridge, Kevin Jung Gang Lim, will reside in Singapore and will focus on execution of investment throughout Asia and investor relations.

Dongsuk Choi, who has received many "Love Calls" from global PEF management and domestic conglomerates, has turned out to be a mid-sized PEF management. An industry official explained, "Mr. Choi has accepted Mr. Lim's suggestion to create a top domestic PEF management company that invests professionally throughout Asia."

EastBridge plans to acquire management of mid-sized enterprises in Asia with growth potential, such as Indonesia and Vietnam, or to acquire domestic companies, and to open overseas markets to boost up corporate value.

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