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We do our best to invest in companies with strong fundamental, high growth potential and global expansion prospect. We target industries where Korea has strong global competitiveness such as IT, automotive, heavy industry and retail. As our name suggests, EastBridge helps invested companies to expand their businesses globally through infusion of EB team's operational expertise and implementation of efficient system infrastructure. 


HappyCall manufactures kitchen appliances including frying pan, double-sided pan and vacuum cooking pots, representing 91.8% of total sales on an average basis during the period from 2012 to 2015. The majority of sales were generated through Korean home shopping channel route, making the Company one of the most successful TV shopping channel sellers as well as No. 1 cookware brand in Korea. Late 2015, the Company launched high-speed blender as its new growth driver product, and is expected to expand its product line into various kitchenware.

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TCM Korea

Founded in 2009, TCM has been frontier of molecular diagnostics in Korea. The company focuses on cancer diagnostics through molecular genetic analysis, cytology/pathology diagnostics method, and IVD(In-Vitro Device) and POCT medical devices. The company’s new products are ready to be commercialized; “Cell Square”, liquid-based cytology sample processor, was approved by US FDA, KFDA, FCC, CE in 2015 and “Gynpad”, self-collection kit for HPV/STD DNA tests, was approved by KFDA in March, 2016. STD self-test device and CRE (Cancer Risk Evaluation) DNA analysis has been developed and will be released in the near future.

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Gymworld was founded in 1992 in Korea and is known as children’s pre-school educational leader in Korea with “play and learn” programs for infants and toddlers provided from Gmyboree headquarters with “Master Franchise Agreement”. Also, the company has been exclusively selling the global three-dimensional structure magnetic toy Magformers since 2008 and became one of the top Korean educational toy brands. In 2010, it bought out US Magformers headquarters and began aggressively exporting abroad; to North America, Europe, and Asia, expanding its overseas market.

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Unico Global

Established in 2005, the Company is a Korean OEM manufacturer of functional outdoor wear. The Company produces a wide range of outdoor garments related to climbing, skiing and industrial ware. Unico manufactures for number of major domestic and global brands such as Colombia, K2, LL Bean, Mont-bell, Discovery, Berghaus, Eider and NEPA equipped with competitive advantages in design capability, garment technology and low manufacturing costs due to production sites in Vietnam.

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BSE Holdings

BSE Holdings is a holding company with the purpose of controlling other companies through stock ownership. The company’s major subsidiaries are BSE and ITSWELL. BSE (Best Sound Electronics), the company’s major subsidiary was founded in 1987 as Bo-Sung Electronics and has been manufacturing MICs for cellphones since. It changed its name to BSE (Best Sound Electronics) in 2000. In 2008, it moved into cell phone speaker business through acquisition of ShinWoo SWP’s China’s division. BSE is the only company in Korea to manufacture both microphones and speakers.

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Established as Innoptix in July 2001, the Company has grown as an optical filter and sensor manufacturer. After merging with Optowave, the Company started with the new name of “Inno-Wave Co., Ltd” in 2009. The Company is a major second-hand vendor to Samsung Electric Company, its main clients being first-hand CCM (Compact Camera Module) manufacturers.  The Company’s performance grew by CAGR of 19.2% during 2011-2014 period, developing a new type of filter made out of film instead of glass. Film filter is expected to be market’s major type of filter, due to its thinness and flexibility in shape formation compared to glass filter.

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Established in April 1997, the Company develops and manufactures high efficient and eco-friendly LED packages and modules used for various applications such as illuminations, automotive, traffic lights and home appliance since disposing of the scale dependent chip business in 2009. The company is producing Lamp type LED, SMD type LED and COB type LED in Incheon factory, and the total production capacity is 80 million LED packages per month.

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HNT Electronics

HNT Electronics was founded in 2006 as Hong Kong-based firm and was relocated to Korea in 2008. The Company makes camera modules for handset manufacturers, Samsung Electronics being the biggest client for the Company. The Company is registered as Samsung’s first level vendor. The headquarters is based in Korea and manufacturing facilities are in Dongguan City, China.



Established in April 2001, CrucialTec has been an exclusive supplier of Optical Track Pads (OTPs) to RIM’s Blackberry. The Company has developed a Biometric Track Pads (BTPs) which is a combination of a fingerprint recognition sensor and an Optical Track Pad. The Company will likely benefit from growing interest in fingerprint verification in the non-Apple iOS based smartphone space. CrucialTec was listed on KOSDAQ since July 2010.

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UGint, established in 1991 under the name of ‘Dasa Machine’, has grown as a market leader with domestic market share of 65% in the CNC(Computerized Numerical Control) machine tool industry, thanks to its constant concentration on R&D relating to key components such as ATC(Auto Tool Changer), APC(Auto Pallet Changer) and main spindle cartridge. The Company has now successfully positioned itself as a global brand, securing positive feedbacks from a number of global and domestic clients including Apple, Samsung, Hyundai Motors and Kia. UGint maintains good performance in operating factories in Korea and China.

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SamHyun Engineering

SamHyun Engineering was founded in Nov 2007 as a joint venture by SamGong and HyunJin Meterials. SamHyun’s major products are composed of a variety of slewing bearings for wind power generation. Samhyun Engineering’s largest client is General Electric, the most well-known name in the wind power industry. The Company also designs and manufactures slewing bearings for harbor and shipyard cranes, construction equipment, mobile cranes, offshore technology, tower cranes and man-lifts.

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Wiple Games

Wiple Games is a Korea-based company engaged in the development and provision of online game. The Company’s main product currently under development is IRON SIGHT which is an FPS (First-Person-Shooter) game. The Company has developed their own online product engine and possesses a strong team in the software engineering sector. The company is targeting 1H 2015 to have the game to go live. 


Daesung Hi-Tech

Daesung Hi-Tech (DSHT),  founded in 1995, manufactures machine tools, semi-conductor device as well as other industrial machine parts and unit. DSHT also started assembling modules and finished machines since 2004. DSHT’s key client group includes world’s leading machine makers such as Yamazaki Mazak, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Mori Seiki and Hyundai WIA. More than 90% of DSHT’s revenue comes from outside Korea, making the company one of the most contributing small and mid-sized companies in exporting.

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Kumsung (Kaneshiro)

Kumsung (or Kaneshiro) was founded in 1991 and mainly engages in producing fish ball paste for ‘umuk’ which is a popular traditional food in Korea and Japan. Kumsung has three factories in Vietnam and one in Pakistan to secure cost-efficient and reliable raw ingredients for umuk. Kumsung’s major clients include CJ Food and Matuoka, which are two of the largest food companies in Korea and Japan. Besides the Company’s B2B business, Kumsung also possesses its own B2C arm which provides customers with delightful treats under its “Kaneshiro” brand.

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Nepes Display

Nepes Display, founded in 2010, produces capacitive overlay type Touch Screen Panel (TSP) utilizing its parent company’s technology. The Company’s main customers include Samsung, Kodak and others. There are only a handful of companies including Nepes Display that Samsung has designated as TSP vendors/partners. The Company has strength in core process technology for DPW(G1), one of the most advanced products in capacitive overlay type Touch Screen Panel.

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Fine Collection – Working House

Fine Collection was founded in Taiwan in 1990, and began operating the retail brand ‘Working House’ since 1993 in the household products, focused in promoting lifestyle from home decoration, kitchenware, to furniture and more. Working House currently has 84 directly owned stores in Taiwan and over 700,000 active paid members, created strong branding awareness in the houseware retail sector. Moreover, by establishing a strategic alliance with PX-Mart which is the largest retail store in Taiwan, the Company has opened 6 stores in the PX-Mart as of November 2016 and the results were feasible.

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